July 28th ’19 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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7/28/29 Big Hole Report – Dropping flows, nocturnal stones, & terrestrials

We are approaching the 500 CFS mark here in Melrose, and we are suggesting that all hard boat traffic stay below town. Rafts are useful this time of year, and allow anglers to access the upper portions of the river.

Nocturnal stoneflies are hatching on a nightly basis, and we are seeing success on the surface on a daily basis until about 9 am with larger dry flies. The caddis and pmds are dwindling, however sallies are still present. The hopper bite seems to be pairing with the nocturnal activity, and the afternoons and evenings the last few days have seen great fish looking for them.

Subsurface has still been the most consistent. Nymphing with a variegated girdle bug and/or a sally nymph has been producing. Trout are lying in the fast tailouts and riffles, with a few occupying the runs. The runs and pools are currently holding whitefish, and the action can be aggressive. Stripping a streamer has also been effective in the right spot!

We have had very sparse reports of spruce moths, and the tricos are nowhere to be seen to this point. Any day now!

Glen boat ramp update – The water is primarily going down the left channel, and the little water that is going right boat ramp channel has made for an extremely difficult, if not dangerous approach into the boat ramp channel. So, in order to use the take out, the boat must be pulled upstream to the boat ramp. As the river continues to drop, it is possible that driving down the boat ramp to the channel confluence will once again be an option like it was later in the season last year.

Holler anytime for a guide, shuttle, or latest report/update! 406-835-3474

Dan Soltau


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#4 Lil Kim Tan
#4 Lil Kim Copper
#6-8 Girdle Bug Coffee/Black
#8-10 Girdle Bug Olive/Brown
#8 Chubby Chernobyl (UV) (Gold) (Purple)
#12 Chubby Pink

#12 Red Copper John
#12 Silver Lightning Bug
#10 CFO Peach Chernobyl
#18 Missing Link
#16 Sparkle Flag Ant Black
#16 Sparkle Ant Cinnamon

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#4 Smokin’ Mirrors
#4 Sparkle Minnow
#4 Little Kim Copper
#6 Pat’s Stone
#6 Flash minnow
#8 Chubby Chernobyl (UV) (Gold) (Purple)
#12 Mahogany Dun

#12 Purple Rooster
#12 Red Copper John
#12 Silver Lightning Bug
#12 Bloom’s Caddis
#14 Purple Haze
#16 Split Winged BWO
#16 Blue Winged Olive Comparadun

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