July 22nd 2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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July 23rd ’19 – Bugs and healthy, strong trout on the Big Hole.

Flows and conditions are transitioning nicely into the mid-late Summer program, and fishing has continued to be very good. Nocturnal stones are hatching, along with sallies plus a few pmds and caddis. Flows have dropped down to a flow that is best suited for rafts above Divide, and drift boats remain choice for the river below Maiden Rock.

Reports from today have been all dry fly, with a small stonefly like a chubby Chernobyl being the hot ticket. Hoppers, terrestrials, ants, caddis… Look for the early morning bite on bright summer days, and the evening on many nights.

Most of our action has been subsurface in the last week, with the fast riffles being the primary focus for river structure. Girdle bugs, a drowned PMD spinner, or a sally nymph seems to get the job done. Run your nymphs fairly shallow, with a lite amount of weight and target the water 1-3′ deep that is moving quickly. While many spots look very “trout-ey,” don’t let that fool you. The smooth runs, seams, and tailouts that hold trout for the rest of the year are home to whitefish right now.

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#10 Water Walker Purple
#10-12 Chubby Olive or Gold
#4 Lil Kim Copper
#16 Hippie Stomper Royal
#10 Jumpin Jack Flash
#14 Rocky Mountain Mint

#16 Psycho Prince
#12 Red Copper John
#12 Silver Lightning Bug
#14 Bloom’s Caddis
#16 Flag Ant
#14 Power Ant

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