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  • Beaverhead Fishing Heat Wave

    The upper Beaverhead is is still holding strong with good fishing. We have been doing the best from the dam down to Pipe Organ Bridge. Flows out of Clark Canyon Reservoir are currently up to 804 cfs. Wade fishing spots are tough right now but drift boat fishing is ideal at these flows. The river clarity is a bit off right now but that can be a day to day affair from outflows out of Clark Canyon Reservoir. We have had some PMD dry fly fishing the morning in the slick. Nymphing has been consistent in the upper Beaverhead. We have done well with various PMD Nymphs.

    Fly Recommendations:

    • Hunchback Infrequence PMD #18
    • Split Back PMD #18
    • Barr’s Emerger #18
    • Tungsten Sunkist #18
    • Bubble Back PMD #18
    • Micro Mayfly #16
    • Comparadun PMD #18
    • Split Wing PMD #18

    Hoot Owl Fishing Restriction from the mouth of the river (Near twin Bridges to Selway Park in Dillon

    From the mouth to Selway Park FAS at Dillon

    The hoot-owl fishing restriction, which prohibits fishing each day between 2 p.m. and midnight, will go into effect at 2:00 p.m. Friday, July 29 for the Beaverhead River from the mouth to Selway Park FAS at Dillon. Maximum daily water temperatures on the Beaverhead River at USGS gauge 06023100 Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges exceeded 73 degrees for three consecutive days, satisfying angling restriction and fishing closure criteria. This restriction will remain in effect until lifted by FWP administrative action in consultation with the Big Hole Watershed Committee, or until September 15.

  • Beaverhead River Fishing Well

    The Beaverhead River has been fishing fantastic this last week. We have been fishing from the Dam down to Barretts and the fishing has been consistent. You will find fish rising to PMD’s in the mornings, especially in the slick. We have yellow sallies and summer stones from High Bridge down to Barretts. Clark Canyon Reservoir outflows are 510 cfs this morning. You will have good wade fishing at these flows and excellent float fishing on the Beaverhead River.

    Recommended Flies:

    • Split back PMD #18
    • Crack Back PMD #18
    • Hunchback PMD #18
    • Barr’s Emerger #18
    • Captive Dunn PMD #18
    • Ray Charles Pink #18
    • McGrubber PMD #16
    • Comparadun PMD #16
    • Parachute Adams PMD #18
    • Chubby Chernobyl #12 (Gold)
    • Plan B #8

  • Beaverhead River In Prime Shape

    The Beaverhead river is in perfect summer shape heading into the holiday week. Clark Canyon outflows are 580cfs today. We have been seeing the first of the PMD hatch on the upper Beaverhead and clouds of Yellow Sallies around Henneberry access site. You will also find handfuls of Golden Stone’s around grasshopper access area. The flows right now are excellent for the floater and good for the wade angler. From the Dam down to Henneberry fishing access has been our best fishing.

    Recommended Flies:

    • Split Back PMD #18
    • Crack back PMD #18
    • Mayhem PMD #18
    • Comparadun PMD #18
    • Micro Mayfly #16
    • Psycho Prince #18
    • McGrubber PMD #16
    • Thread Frenchie #18

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