July 28th ’19 Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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7/28/19 Beaverhead River Fishing Report – Summer hatches still kicking, with hoppers right around the corner!

We have had guides and anglers on the Beaverhead nearly every day lately, and for good reason. The big trout just keep coming, and are seeing the river come up into summer irrigation flows. Sally nymphs down deep and heavy are producing every day, with a small PMD nymph still being a great choice.

There are certainly fish looking up for a variety of snacks on the surface, but you will need to be on your game have your eyes peeled. Nooks, crannies, corners, and foam eddies are the spots to look. Very nice trout will also be looking for hoppers, so keep an eye on that by throwing it through out the day to test the waters.

The last hour has seen a solid caddis emergence with fish looking up last dark. Likewise, streamer anglers are seeing great action early and late with enough during the day to make it worthwhile.  Crowds are down, although there are still clusters of boats and wading anglers. It is best to give people plenty of space and try to step out of the way of other folks who may have hooked a dandy and are in hot pursuit.

Afternoons have seen a lull in the nymph bite, so that is a great time to try a hopper, look for noses, and/or strip a streamer.

Give us a shout anytime for the latest – 406-835-3474

-Dan Soltau


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#18 Green Machine PT or Chartruese
#4 Mini Dungeon White
#10 Henneberry Hopper
#14 Flat Back Sally Nymph
#6 CH JJ Special
#8 Chubby Chernobyl (UV) (Gold) (Purple)
#16 Missing Link

#20 Compara Dun Female Trico
#8 Mojo Minnow
#14 CDC Pheasant Tail Jig
#8 Cranefly Larvae
#16 Sparkle Flag Ant Cinnamon
#20 Chubby Trico
#18 Film Critic PMD or BWO

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