August 2nd 2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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8/2/19 – Big Hole River Report – Tricos are hatching, no significant spruceys yet, healthy trout!

August is here and we have snuck underneath the 500 CFS mark, with 460 CFS in Melrose this morning. Tricos are hatching best top high, with a decent amount of PMDS and a few other mayflies still hatching. Water temps dipped to 61 last night, the coolest in over a week. We have seen some really nice brown trout as of late, very thick and healthy.

Anglers looking for surface activity will want to get an early start, and/or stick around until the last hour or so of light. A small caddis/sally with a trico in tow will be a good start, and if you have eagle eyes a single trico is ideal. With the sallies, larger mayflies, and your odd caddis kicking around, a micro chubby, trude, or wulff can fool nice trout and makes for a good lead fly with small trico cluster or ant behind it.

We are experiencing consistent actions using a small sculpin with a caddis style nymph as your second fly. Primarily focusing on the riffles and faster portions of the river. Look for the speedier tailouts and riffle zones to produce trout.

We will keep everyone posted on the moths, and we are expecting to see many more once this next little heat wave moves through. Historically speaking, that is what gets them down to the river and we have been getting daily storms which seems to keep them up high in the trees.

Hard boats are still viable below Melrose, and anything up is best suited for an inflatable. Holler anytime for a guide, shuttle, or the latest word fro the water. 406-835-3474.


Dan Soltau


#10 Water Walker – Peanut

#10 Water Walker – Olive

#18 Missing Link

#16 Sparkle Flag Ant

#20 Peacock Cluster

#20 Hi Vis Trico Spinner

#16 Micro Chubby Olive

#CFO Chernobyl Peach

#10 Morrish Hopper

#4 Lil Kim Copper

#8 Mojo Minnow

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