July 17th 2019 Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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July 17th ’19 Beaverhead River Report – Stellar fishing continues on the Beav!

The folks at Clark Canyon Dam have been raising the flows slowly to meet irrigation demands down river, and the flows are ideal for floating and wade fishing. We had a real gully washer yesterday which has put some mud into the river from Grasshopper Creek. PMDs are hatching, along with a bunch of yellow sallies. There are certainly fish rising in nooks and crannies, however the best action has been subsurface with a deep nymph rig setup with a pmd nymph and a sallie.

Quality over quantity has continued to be name of the game from the dam to High Bridge, and action has been hot down from there. Make sure to use plenty of weight and depth on your nymph rigs. 6′ roughly to the fly, and try keeping your split shot BELOW your fly using a tag end system. Or drop shot style. This sinks significantly better and offers enhanced sensitivity.

Small PMD dries and trico dries can fool those picky risers with a proper drift. Leader length should be at least 10′, down to 4x or 5x if 4x doesn’t fit through the eye.

406-835-3474 – Holler for the latest.

Dan Soltau

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#16 Tungsten Sunkist
#14 Kyle’s BH Yellow Sally
#4 Little Kim Copper
#4 Beldar Bugger Brown & Yellow
#18 Film Critic PMD
#18 Parachute Rusty Spinner
#8 Chubby Gold – below Grasshopper

#18 Split Case BWO & PMD
#14 Copper John Red
#16 MacGruber
#20 Compara Dun PMD
#18 Sparkle Dun PMD
#20 Trico Female

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