Big Hole River Salmonfly Hatch Report

June is here and the lilacs are in full bloom, which means Big Hole River Salmonflies are right around the corner. We have not spotted any adult Salmonflies yet, but on the lower Big Hole the Salmonfly nymphs are very close to the banks when we have overturned rocks. It is very close to GO TIME! The Big Hole is dropping in flows and as long as we don’t get substantial rain, the flows will continue to decline. We are fishing Salmonfly nymphs on the lower Big Hole and streamers. On the upper Sections of the Big Hole we are fishing streamers, caddis and San Juan Worms.

The Jerry Creek boar ramp is still under construction but should be done any day now. The Divide boat ramp is still far out from completion. We are crossing our fingers that both of these ramps will be completed soon. give us a call for the most up to date information 406-835-3474.

Recommended Flies:

  • #6 Jig Sparkle Minnow Light Olive
  • #4 Big Hole Bugger
  • #4 Sparkle Yellow Yummy 
  • #4 Barely Legal
  • #10 Pat’s Stone Black
  • #8 San Juan Worm 
  • #8 Wonky Worm
  • #8 Fish Finder Wine
  • #14 X Caddis
  • #14 CDC Caddis
  • # Tungston Pandora Olive/Orange

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