Big Hole River and High Water

The Big Hole River is in full runoff mode right now. Flows around Melrose are over 5,000cfs and flows on the upper river are around 2,600cfs. With all this said, fishing around Melrose is tough due to the high flows. The river has great clarity but it is just too high to fish it very efficiently. We are fishing above the Wise river where it is currently around 2,600cfs and fishing has been pretty good. We are seeing well fed fish lately that are packing on the pounds. On the upper river we are floating from Mudd Creek down. The Jerry Creek boar ramp is still under construction but should be done this upcoming week. The Divide boat ramp is in the same situation. We are crossing our fingers that both of these ramps will be completed soon.

Our best fishing has been with streamers and nymphs lately. We have truly had some fantastic streamer days on the upper Big Hole. Peak runoff should be coming soon and we will then be on the downward hydrographic waiting for Salmonflies. Currently we have caddis, March Brown’s and Blue Winged Olives hatching. We still have some guide openings for early June if you want to catch the pre Salmonfly fishing. Give us a call to get the most up to date report 406-8353474.

Recommended Flies:

  • #6 Jig Sparkle Minnow Light Olive
  • #4 Big Hole Bugger
  • #4 Sparkle Yellow Yummy
  • #4 Barely Legal
  • #10 Pat’s Stone Black
  • #8 San Juan Worm
  • #8 Wonky Worm
  • #8 Fish Finder Wine
  • #14 X Caddis
  • #14 CDC Caddis

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