Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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June 7th ’19 – Solid flows and happy trout on the Beaverhead River!

The reports from our guides and associates on the Beaverhead continue to impress. Fish are taking small mayfly nymphs and sowbugs well, with the PMD hatch just a little ways off. Flows are just under 700 CFS out of Clark Canyon Reservoir, which makes for great floating conditions and still very wadable in most spots.

Anglers using deep nymph rigs and a decent amount split shot are getting it done and catching great fish. The streamer fishing has also been very good, and with the inclement weather moving through the streamer fishing can be excellent. Crawdads and minnows are typical fare.

Dry fly anglers are still seeing a couple fish up here and there, with outcroppings of BWO’s and caddis, and a few PMDS poking around down lower. We will be looking forward to the summer hatches getting going soon, but it has been much more consistent subsurface.

Holler at us anytime for the latest at 406-835-3474!

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Tight lines and wet nets,

Dan Soltau


#18 Split Case PMD
#18 Split Case BWO
#16 Soft Hackle Sowbug
#6 Mini Dungeon Yellow or Olive
#18 Shop Vac
#18 Film Critic PMD
#20 Barrs Emerger

#14 San Juan Worm Brown
#3/0 Lead Split Shot
6-8′ 3x Rio Flourocarbon
1” Thingamabobber or Air Lock
#10 Rubber Legged Crystal Bugger Olive
#6 Clouser Crawfish

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