Fishing has been a bit all over the board lately.

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Fishing has been a bit all over the board lately. The clear sunny days have been tough, but the overcast damp days have had the larger brown trout on the prowl. You will find some hatches of Blue Winged Olives and Mahogany Duns lately. The streamer fisherman have done well during the low light times. Streamers of choice have been J.J’s, Flash Minnows in olive and black, Little Kim’s and tan Home Invaders. the lower Big Hole below Melrose is seeing a nice bump in flows. Fall fishing is here and it is time to get your streamer box out and enjoy the last six weeks of trout fishing season on the wonderful Big Hole River.

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Recommended Flies:

#4 Smokin’ Mirrors
#4 Sparkle Minnow
#4 Little Kim Copper
#6 Pat’s Stone
#6 Flash minnow
#8 Chubby Chernobyl (UV) (Gold) (Purple)

#12 Mahogany Dun
#12 Purple Rooster
#12 Red Copper John
#12 Silver Lightning Bug
#12 Bloom’s Caddis
#14 Purple Haze
#16 Split Winged BWO
#16 Blue Winged Olive Comparadun

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