Fishing has remained ok on the Big Hole

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Fishing has remained ok on the Big Hole. The wade fisherman are happy but the float fisherman are ready for an increase in river flows. We are still floating in the Jerry Creek stretch, Maiden Rock Stretch and the Notch Bottom stretch of the Big Hole. You will find hatches of tricos in the morning and we are starting to see fall baetis in the afternoons on the upper stretches of the Big Hole. Besides the baetis, small hoppers and ants are working in the afternoon. We are also having good luck with streamers followed by a baetis nymph in the shallow riffles. Fall will soon be here and the large brown trout will be lurking around for your streamers.

Sunrise client with a brown ready for the fall season caught yesterday on the Big Hole


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Recommended Flies:#16 high vis Baetis #18 comparadun trico; #18 trico spinner  #12 Chubby Chernobyl tan/orange/Gold/Purple #18 Purple Haze; #10 Pat’s Stone Brown/Black; #16 little spanker #16 Pheasant Tail; #16 Pearl Lightning Bug; #18 Red Copper John;#16 Psycho Mayfly Olive; #14 Caddis Pupa; #6 J.J. Special; #4 Smokin’ Mirrors; #4Mr. Creepo #4 McCunnes Sculpin; #4 Mini Loop Sculpin


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