Big Hole River August Fishing Report

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Fishing remains good on the Big Hole River.  The hatches are a bit in a transition period on the Big Hole River.  PMD’s are waning and we are moving into Trico’s and Hoppers.  We are starting to see Trico’s on the lower Big Hole River and below Melrose.  Hopper fishing has also started to pick up on the lower Big Hole River.  Hatches in the Maiden Rock Canyon have been bleak.  We have done very well on nymphs in the Canyon but dry fly fishing has been poor.  Look for the dry fly fishing to pick up this week.  We should see more trico’s around and the hoppers are starting to bounce around the grassy banks.  We have not seen any Spruce Moth’s yet.  If we are going to get a Spruce Moth hatch we should see them in the next ten days.  Our Big Hole River Guides will will keep you posted.

A lower Big Hole River Rainbow

Flies:  #10 Chubby Chernobyl Yellow/Purple/Black; #8 Rogue Stone golden, #10 Purple Haze; #16 PMD Cripple; #16 Rocky Mountain Mint, #18 Trico Spinner, #18 Trico Comparadun, #10 Pat’s Stone #12 Red Copper John #16 Bat Man Nymph orange/brown: #8 RL Stone; #6 J.J. Special #6 Coffey Bugger; #4 Bad Boy #  10 Copper/Pearl Zonker


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