Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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May 28th ’19 – Slowly dropping flows making for great fishing and excellent wading

The powers that be within Clark Canyon Dam have dropped the flows to just over 300 CFS for the moment, making for an excellent opportunity to get after some of the quality trout within the Beaverhead. Blue wing olives are hatching daily, and trout are in position rising to them in certain spots by about 11 am. The lower flows can make things a little tight with folks in drift boats and the bank rat crowd, so please be courteous when enjoying the festivities.

Small mayfly nymphs have continued to produce, as have sow bug and scud imitations. In the deeper runs and holes, try a nymph rig with your heavier bug on the bottom along with a split shot for the most sensitivity. It requires more of a flip upstream than a traditional fly cast, but it sure works! Once you have located a few rising trout, a long leader in the 11-12′ range down to 5x will help your chances. A blue winged olive emerger pattern in a #18 will do the trick if presented properly.

Keep an eye out for the flows to change, and look forward to the fish liking a worm pattern once that takes place. Streamer fishing is a time honored technique on the Beaverhead, and now is nice flow to do it both out of the boat or on foot. The big trout in the Beaverhead love a crawdad, along with small minnows and sculpin. A slightly longer leader off of your sink tip will help get down through the hydraulics and into the zone the fish like. Give it a couple twitches and hold on!

Give us a shout anytime for the latest reports, we have had guides on the Beaverhead quite a bit lately and our clients have been nothing short of thrilled of the quality of trout so far this year. Please let us know if we can help your next trip down this awesome tailwater!


Link to Information on Salmonfly Fest 2019


#4 JJ Special
#6 Sparkle Minnow
#4 Little Kim Copper
#8 Crane Fly Larvae
#18 Split Case BWO Nymph
#18 Film Critic BWO Emerger

#18 BWO Cripple
#16 Soft Hackle Sow Bug
#20 Barrs Emerger
#18 Rocky Mountain Mint Olive
#18 Purple Craze
#16 Split Winged BWO

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