Winston Air 2 Fly Rod


The new Winston Air 2 is the powerhouse we have been waiting for. This rod has the classic Winston feel and the modern power and performance you are looking for. The lightweight components and power will amaze you. We have put this rod to the test on our local waters and it is a must have for your day to day fishing on the rivers in Southwest Montana.


The Winston Air 2 is a massive step above the first generation Air. This rod creates higher line speed, faster power and the modern Winston action that we once saw with the BIIIX fly rod. This rod has gone back to the Winston roots of feel and power, with an absolute ace in the hole. We like the versatility of the Winston Air 2 fly rod. Dry flies can be presented delicately and nymphs will get down with a quick mend of the rod tip. The modern action blended with the classic Winston feel will have you excited to hold this rod with your next trout.

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