Big Hole River Salmonfly Hatch Update

The Big Hole River salmonfly hatch continues to move up stream. We are seeing the bugs all the way above the Wise River on the Big Hole. Fishing has been great during the middle of the day when the Salmonflies have been landing on the water. You will find golden stones as well on the water and PMD’s. We have seen some amazing fish getting caught this week and it should continue into next week. The river clarity is around 3 feet and the dropping flows will make for some perfect river conditions. We are finding the thickest part of the hatch right now from Jerry Creek down to Maiden Rock. Below Melrose you will find PMD’s, caddis, yellow sallies and golden stones hatching.

Recommended Flies:

  • #6 Cat Puke
  • #6 Trinas Carnage Salmonfly
  • #6 Chubby Norman
  • #6 Chubby Chernobyl Purple
  • #6 pat’s stone black
  • #6 Dungeon Black
  • #6 Lil’ Kim

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