Beaverhead River Season Opener

Saturday, May 20th is the upper Beaverhead River season opener. Flows out of Clark Canyon Reservoir are currently 211cfs. The River is low and wade fishing will be able to be done on the entire upper stretch. This is always a crowded weekends to hit the Beaverhead, but it is very productive. Nymphing will be the name of the game. You will find fish eating sow bugs, scuds and midges. Since the river is low please be considerate to other anglers on the water. The river is running clear all the way down to Grasshopper Creek. The Beaverhead below Grasshopper Creek will be off color due to runoff.

Recommended Flies:

  • #16 Soft Hackle Sow Bug
  • #16 Ray Charles Pink
  • #16 Poxy Back Sow Bug Grey
  • #16 Soft Hackle Scud Orange
  • #6 Sparkle Minnow
  • #6 Tractor Trailer

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