Welcoming October Fishing on The Big Hole River

October fishing on the Big Hole River is here and we are excited for the month of fall foliage and active trout. Fishing has been very good lately on the lower stretches of the Big Hole River. We have had guide boats out from Brownes to Glen and Glen to Notch Bottom and the fishing has been excellent. You will find blue winged olives and mahogany duns hatching during the day. Dropper fishing with a blue winged olive nymph has bee very good. The streamer fisherman have been pleased with the activity from large brown’s chasing the sculpins and minnow imitations.

Reminder: Maiden Rock (BLM) to Brown’s Bridge is closed from October 1st through March 31st. You can fish above Maiden rock BLM and below Brownes Bridge. Please call us if you need any clarification (406) 835-3474.

Recommended Flies:

  • Spanish Bullet (Olive) (Black) #16
  • Psycho May (Olive) (Brown) #16
  • Jig Blowtorch (Black) #16
  • San Juan Worm #8
  • J.J. Special #6
  • Barely Legal #6
  • Split Wing Blue Winged Olive #16
  • Hot Spot Para Wulff #16 #14

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