Big Hole Spruce Moth Hatch

Fishing has been good the last few days and should continue as we are seeing good hatches. We have Spruce Moth’s from Jerry Creek down to Maiden Rock (BLM). We also have been seeing tricos hatching around 10:00 in the morning from Maiden Rock (BLM) down to Glen. You can hunt rising fish with Spruce Moth’s and then switch to Trico’s in the morning. The Spruce Moth’s have been hitting the water throughout the entire day from Jerry Creek down to Maiden Rock (BLM). On the Lower River we are starting to see hopper activity in the afternoons. We have been catching nice trout against the grassy undercut banks. Remember on the lower Big Hole you have to be done fishing at 2:00pm due to Hoot Owl Closures.

Recommended Flies:

  • Spruce Moth #12
  • YFG Spruce Moth #12
  • Bloom’s Spruce Moth #12
  • Comparadun Trico #18
  • Trico Spinner #18
  • Chernobyl Ant #8
  • Morrish Hopper #8
  • Fat Albert #8
  • Spanker #16
  • Spanish Bullet #16 (Black)
  • Thread Frenchie #16 (Black/Olive)
  • Hoot Owl restrictions prohibit fishing each day between 2 p.m. and midnight in the following sections of the Big Hole River:
    • From Saginaw Bridge on Skinner Meadow Road to Dickie Bridge FAS
    • From the confluence of the Beaverhead River to FWP’s Maidenrock FAS (Lower Maiden Rock) 

From Dickie Bridge down to FWP’s Maidenrock FAS (Lower Maiden Rock) is open to fishing all day. Even though this section is open all day please take water temperature readings and if the water temperature exceeds 68 degrees please stop fishing for the day.
If these restrictions confuse you, please give us a call and we can clarify the locations. 406-835-3474. 

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