Hatches Galore on The Big Hole

Fishing has come into great shape on the Big Hole River. Salmonflies are still hatching about 5 miles above Jerry Creek and you will find them down to about Divide Bridge. The Golden Stones are pretty thick in the Jerry Creek to Maiden Rock Canyon stretch. Along with the stoneflies you will find yellow sallies, PMD’s and caddis hatching on the river. Prospecting with a double dry has been working well for us. We have been throwing a salmonfly or golden stone and then a yellow sally dry fly behind it. The streamer anglers have had good reports as well, J.J. Sparkle Minnows, and brown/yellow Barely Legals have kept fish chasing to the boat. The Big Hole will just continue to be in prime shape this week as the river drops in flows and stabilizes.

Suggested Flies:

  • Cat Puke #4
  • Chubby Chernobyl (Orange) (Yellow) (Purple) #6
  • Flutter Bug Golden #6
  • Water Walker (Black) (Brown) #4
  • Water Walker Golden #6
  • Head Light Sally #12
  • Purple Haze #12
  • Barely Legal #6
  • Sparkle Minnows J.J. #4
  • Sparring Partner Brown trout #4

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