April Fishing Is Here

The Big Hole River is in good fishing shape today and should continue to be throughout the upcoming week as long as you can find the warmer and calmer days too fish. Last week we had ice flows from the upper Big Hole, which put the fishing off. The entire river is now ice free and we are fishing the lower stretches of the Big Hole for our best fishing. We have 2-3 feet of visibility and it is improving. The river is on the drop, which means the trout will be comfortable to feed. You will find hatches of midges and the Skwala’s are close to hatching on the lower Big Hole. Our best fishing has been with pat’s stoneflies sub surface and mayfly nymphs. A few streamer anglers had a good day yesterday with black/brown buggers in the tail out of pools. Our best hours of fishing is during the warmest times of the day, so typically the afternoons. A channel is blocked below Brownes bridge with a down tree, so please call us for the latest floating information on how to get around the blocked channel. Floater passage is allowed through a different channel. Our shop hours and schedule for the week of April 3rd – 9th is listed below.

April 3rd hours: 9:00am – 3:00 pm

April 4th: – Closed

April 5th: – Closed

April 6th – 9th hours: 9:00 am – 4:00pm

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