Big Hole River Salmonfly Hatch

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Summer is here and we all know what the month of June starts with, the anticipation of the Salmonfly hatch! Scorching hot temperatures the last few days has the river on the rise with about 2 -3 feet of visibility. Below average flows will make for a fishable Salmonfly hatch this year. We have not spotted any stoneflies yet but the hatch will start on the lower stretches below Melrose soon. When we spot the bugs we will let you know. We have been doing well on Salmonfly nymphs, caddis, and various mayfly jig head nymphs lately. Streamer colors of choice has been black or natural colors.


#4 Lil Kim Tan/Gold
#4 Sparring Partner (Black/Purple)
#4 Barely Legal (Yellow/Olive)
#4 Pat’s Stone (Orange/Brown)
#4 Slider Bugger (Black)
#6 Chubby Chernobyl (Orange)

#12 Purple Rooster
#12 Jig Blowtorch
#12 Jig Silver Lightning Bug
#12 Bloom’s Caddis
#14 Purple Haze

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