New Winston Air 2 Rod

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Announcing the new Winston Air 2 Fly Rod

We were fortunate to cast the new Winston Air 2 fly rod yesterday. This rod will be in stock on our online store in 2-3 weeks. You can pre order the rod today! We were able to cast the 905-4 and 906-4 Winston Air 2, thanks to Adam Hutchison of Winston. These rods are truly the next generation of all-around freshwater fly rods. The 5 weight felt like the perfect single dry fly rod for fishing Southwest Montana’s larger rivers. Based on the accuracy, feel and power, we were truly impressed.

The 6 weight Air 2 is the perfect Big Hole or Madison River fly rod to do everything you want. This rod will cast large dries with droppers, double dries or streamer. We were truly blown away with the 6 weight, because it is  the one rod to do everything. The full flex and accuracy of these rods truly stood out to us when we were casting the new green stick. We were ecstatic to see the reel seat design on the new Air 2 with a burled wood insert because it went back to the roots of the Winston design. This rod will not only turn fish towards your fly but will catch the eye of anglers on the river. Specifications can be found here 

Winston Air 2 Highlights

  • A new taper design that provides a faster, progressive aa-around action. extremely light, yet powerful
  • Introducing S-2000 a next generation high modulus graphite material for fast recovery speed and smoothness.
  • New Boron Configuration for enhanced power and energy transfer
  • The Custom HSP (high Strain Rate) resin provides an even faster recovery rate that ads a modern feel
  • New light wire shooting Snake Guides
  • The Reel seat is Nickel Silver with Burled Wood insert

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