Big Hole River Fishing Report: Ross Reels Limited Edition

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You can find the Ross Reels Limited Edition Animas 5/6 reel on our online store. 

The outlook on fishing this week looks good on the Big Hole River. We are into the prime of our October fishing in Southwest Montana. The next two weeks will be a perfect time to be here before winter sets into the valley. Streamers, Blue winged olives and nymph fishing has all been working well lately. Anglers streamers of choice have had colors of  black, olive and brown. Sub surface fisherman have been happy with blue winged olives and stonefly patterns. Some locations on the lower river have seen good mayfly hatches however most sections have had minimal surface activity.

It is the best time to listen to the fall sounds and beautiful scenery as you cast for one of the largest trout of the season. Flows on the river remain below average for this time of the year, but you are able to get your boat on all of the sections below Divide fishing access site. Please be aware of the spawning areas and do not walk on beds or fish for trout that are spawning. For the next three weeks you can take advantage of our Fall Special fishing package.


6 Mini Dungeon
#Mini Peanut Envy (Olive)
#4 Little Kim Copper
#10 Pat’s Stone
#10 Chubby Chernobyl (Orange)
#12 Mahogany Dun

#16 Spanish Bullet (Black)
#16 Jig Pearl Lightning Bug
#16 Purple Haze
#16 Split Winged BWO
#16 Blue Winged Olive Comparadun

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