Beaverhead River Fishing Report

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Beaverhead River Report

We are having great fishing on the Beaverhead right now. You will see hatches of PMD’s, Caddis, Yellow Sallies and summer stones. The river is fishing well from the dam all the way down to Grasshopper Creek. Flows out of Clark Canyon Reservoir are stable and the river is running clear.

Please purchase your Fishing Licenses online. Click Here to purchase

COVID-19 Phase 2 Social Distancing and Sanitization Shop Regulations

In accordance with the directives of both the State of Montana and Silver Bow County, below are the rules for entering the fly shop

  1. No customers with COVID-19 symptoms may enter the fly shop
  2. Only 3 customers may be in the fly shop at one time
  3. Mandatory to practice 6-foot social distancing guidelines while in the fly shop
  4. All customers must sanitize their hands using our provided sanitizer before entering the shop
  5. Before touching any flies, please get a pair of rubber gloves from an employee
  6. You are welcome to try on any clothing, but please let us know so that we can sanitize the product when you are finished
  7. Masks are required to be worn in the shop
  8. Restrooms will temporarily be unavailable to the public
  9. Fishing Licenses have to be purchased online. Click Here to purchase
  10. Credit Card only Purchases.

We have a Pick-Up window for customers that would prefer doing take-out orders

Thank you for your cooperation. Together, we will make it through these difficult times


#20 Captive Dun

#20 Split Back PMD

#20 Pandemic Mayfly

#18 Crack Back PMD

#16 Jig Yellow Sallie

#14 Tilt Wing PMD

#16 Headlight Sallie

#14 Chubby (UV) (Golden)

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