Shop Opens Monday April 27th

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On Wednesday, Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced that the state of Montana is going to follow a 3-phase guideline to reopen the economy. Part of that guideline stated that nonessential businesses would be allowed to reopen at a limited capacity on Monday, April 27th.

Sunrise Fly Shop will be opening its doors for the first time this season on Monday, April 27th. Because of the fallout of the global pandemic, we will be operating within our Governor’s guidelines for this changed retail environment. We will have guidelines outside of or shop for customers to follow when coming into the shop. We will also have curbside pick and a pick up window on our porch for online orders or phone orders 406-835-3474.

The plan that the Governor has set into motion will start with Stage 1 of a 3-stage process. Stage 1 will have the strictest guidelines. As we move through the phases to reopen the economy, some rules will be relaxed.

Phase 1 Business Requirements 

  • A 14 day quarantine for non resident business travelers will remain in effect. If residents or non residents leave the state of Montana and then come back into Montana they are required to self isolate and quarantine for 14 days before being able to visit a retail store or go on a guided fishing trip. Once the ongoing quarantine travel restriction requirements have been met, guides and outfitters may offer their services provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines and sanitation protocols.  Governor Bullock said “While we love our visitors, we would ask that you not come visit while Montanans are watching out for one another by staying at home. This is important not only to protect our health care system, but also to protect against the spread of COVID-19. As of today, travel from another state or country is the most common known source of COVID-19 infections in Montana. I am asking anyone who is in Montana and has recently traveled from another state or country to do the right thing and self-quarantine for 14 days,” The Directive applies both to Montana residents and non-residents entering the state for non-work-related purposes.
  • In establishments where customers wait in a line, non-household customers should remain physically distanced.
  • Physical Distancing of 6 feet must be maintained between non-congregate customers. This will require the reduction in capacity of our fly shop down to 3 customers at a time.
  • Customer and employees must sanitize their hands before entering the retail store.

Phase 1 and 2 Recreational Guidelines

  • Public lands, fishing access sites, and parks are encouraged to continue to provide outdoor recreation opportunities for local and regional users provided that users can adhere to strict social distancing guidelines and facilities follow frequent sanitizing protocols. Areas that cannot practicably implement social distancing requirements or sanitation needs will remain closed. Limited campground offerings, group-use facilities and playgrounds, may be opened at the discretion of local and state managers. Local, state and federal officials are strongly encouraged to coordinate on all reopening decisions. Guides and outfitters may offer services consistent with any ongoing quarantine travel restrictions provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines and sanitation protocols. Visitors should check the status of any closures and restrictions before traveling.

We are looking forward to opening on Monday, and we will ensure that we are taking all the precautions necessary to help stop the spread of COVID -19.

Big Hole Report

Currently the Big Hole is of color and not fishing well. The upper river’s ice has broken free and the river is on the rise and dirty. This is the valley floor and low elevation snowpack melting. Once we get this out of the way fishing will be very good. We will keep you posted when the river is clearing and dropping in flows. It is time to head over to the tailwater fisheries in our state.

Beaverhead River Fishing Report

The Beaverhead River is fishing well below Pipe Organ Bridge. Grasshopper Creek is muddy causing the Beaverhead to be off color and not fishing well.

The only clear and fishable water right now is from Pipe Organ Bridge down to where Grasshopper Creek enters the Beaverhead. Call us anytime

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