January Update – Simms Sale items – Spring Special

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January Update – Simms Sale items – Spring Special

It is late January here on the Beaverhead River. The Beaverhead River is one of the few fisheries that you are able to fish year round. Since it is a tailwater fishery and has a spring fed influence it stays rather ice free on the upper reaches. Please remember the upper reaches are closed from Clark Canyon Dam down to Pipe Organ Bridge until the 3rd Saturday of May. Currently, you can fish from Pipe Organ Bridge down stream to Barretts park. As far as snowpack goes we are seeing an average winter so far. Clark Canyon Reservoir is currently 82 % full. The Outflow from Clark Canyon reservoir is 88 cfs and the inflow is 182 cfs. When spring runoff hits we might see a full reservoir this year. This all bodes well for a great season on the Beaverhead River.

It is time to start thinking about Spring fishing. We are running our very popular Spring Special again. Here is the link for information on the Spring Special.

We have many exciting sale products currently on our online Store. You can Find Simms Headwaters Boots – Felt 25% off.  Also we have in stock the Simms Rip Rap Sandal – Felt 30% off. Simms Guide jacket -Loden 20% off. Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody – River Camo 25% off

Click Here to visit our sales page on our online Store   Free Shipping on Orders over $75.00

Friends of ours at Big Sky Sotheby’s Realty currently has a great house for sale to land you in the fishing mecca of Dilllon, Montana. View the listing here 

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