August 19th, 2019 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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8/19/2019 – Big Hole River Fishing Report – Flows dropped after major rain event, river in great shape.

Last week we saw a beautiful run of cool weather, and also an impressive amount of rain for August. After almost a 300 CFS increase in flow, the water temps went down big time and have led to great fishing. The slight murk in the water had the fish keeping an eye out for worms, along with streamers. Anglers minding the details have also had shots at big trout eating dries, however it hasn’t been easy.

Nocturnal and golden stoneflies have continued to hatch, hoppers are lining the banks, and ants are fooling trout. The trico hatch/spinner fall had been hatching later in the morning, but with the weather pattern warming up we are anticipating them to go back to the early-early morning program. Unfortunately, the spruce moths have been relatively quiet, with reports of heavy activity up in the high country lakes. It is possible that they come down with this next warm spell, so keep checking back.

Small, sparse nymphs have been effective, along with the timeless classic girdle bug. Especially the variegated versions. Streamer fishing, while not always a common tactic this time of the year, is a great way to tag a big brown in the faster water. The trout have still favored the fast water, varying between heavy seams, faster runs, or the shallow riffles themselves. Do not forget about the speedy tail outs either!

Our guide staff has been on the river every day, and they and our guests have had the river to themselves. Now is great time to check the Big Hole out on foot, and also a good idea to get the raft out. Hard boats will definitely be doing some grinding/sliding, and we strongly recommend staying below Melrose. There are a few tight corners with tree limbs coming into play between Melrose and Brownes, and also Glen to Notch Bottom. Flows have receded to the point that floaters can once again drive down to the convergence below the ramp at Glen, avoiding the death march drag back to the ramp.

We have openings on the guide sheet, and excellent conditions to fish the Big Hole. Now is a great time to get a guide for the canyon stretches as well. We have seen some truly large trout moving around lately. Including a few in the net!  Holler anytime for a shuttle, a guide, or the latest report. 406-835-3474.

-Dan Soltau



#4 Smoke & Mirrors JJ Special
#4 Little Kim Tan/Gold
#8-10 Girdle Bug Olive/Brown
#8 Girdle Bug Tan/Brown
#8 Chubby Chernobyl Tan
#8 Club Sandwich Hopper

#14 CDC Prince Nymph
#14 Big Spanker Olive
#14 Cow Killer Ant
#16 Hamburgler
#20 Clear Wing Trico
#20 Double Wing Trico
#20 Compara Dun Female Trico

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