May 23rd 2019 Beaverhead Fishing Report & Weekend Outlook

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May 23rd ’19 – Opening week started great with a decrease in flows from Clark Canyon Dam

We have had boats on the Beaverhead the last bunch of days, and despite a ruthless wind out of the north, fishing was very good. While most of the fish have been coming on deeper nymph rigs, many trout are rising to blue winged olives in the hot spots and edges.

They have been dropping the flows out of the dam, which were just under 600 CFS to start the week and are now down to 375 CFS. This drop makes wading anglers smile, yet is still plenty of water to float any stretch. Grasshopper Creek is not adding a ton of mud, so the river looks great all the way to Dillon.

Streamer strippers found great fishing with the overcast conditions, which is a very fun way to fish the Beaverhead. We would suggest small minnows and larger crawdad patterns as a starting point. The folks nymphing have been having great success using a sow bug and mayfly nymph combination under bobber rigged anywhere from 5-8′ deep depending on the particular spot.

Those trout that are eating the blue winged olives like an emerger style bug in an #18 tied onto 5x tippet. If wading, a leader at least 10′ in length is a good idea. Those set up from a boat might be able to get away with shorter, but the longer the leader the better the drift. The rises can be subtle, keep your eyes peeled in random soft spots and eddies.

Holler anytime with questions or curiosities on what is going on out on the water, we have guides on the Beaverhead today and will have more intel this evening and tomorrow morning. Keep an eye on the flows, but this weekend is looking like another phenomenal weekend to fish the Beaverhead!



Dan Soltau




#4 Burgin Bugger – Olive
#4 Sparkle Minnow
#6 Kreelex Silver & Gold
#18 Split Case BWO
#10 San Juan Worm Brown or Pink
#18 Film Critic BWO
#18 Sparkle Dun BWO

#18 Green Machine PT
#18 AnatoMay BWO
#12 Silver Lightning Bug
#18 HiVis Parachute BWO
#14 Soft Hackle Sow Bug
#20 Barrs Emerger
#18 Real Deal Point Fly Olive

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Beaverhead Rainbows get big.


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