May 17th ’19 – Beaverhead River opener outlook and fishing report.

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May 17th ’19 Beaverhead River Fishing report – The long awaited opener on the upper Beaverhead River is here!

Tomorrow marks one of the most fun days on the water, the upper Beaverhead opener! The stretch between Clark Canyon Dam and Pipe Organ Bridge will open to fishing and we are looking forward to top notch fishing in that stretch. The river is coming out of Clark Canyon at 550 CFS, which is a great flow to float and wade fish in the right locations. We are anticipating a great sowbug bite, along with solid streamer fishing given the dark and rainy conditions.

The Mother’s Day caddis may still make an appearance on a warmer evening, however they did pop last week and most reports indicated very little surface activity. We are thinking that Grasshopper Creek will be putting in mud due to the precipitation we are receiving.  The flows however can mix that up quickly and there can often be a great worm and/or streamer bite below the confluence.

The narrow channel on the Beaverhead can make for an interesting day when there are lots of anglers, so please be considerate to the other folks on the river. With the river remaining at a nice flows through out the past winter, we are anticipating great fishing on the upper Beaverhead which means that the top section can get a little congested. Call the shop to learn about other sections that can offer great fishing and less anglers. The Henneberry area can be spectacular, and can produce some phenomenal trout without as much crowding as near the Dam.

For the most part, our guides are sticking to the Big Hole but we would love to have anyone for a day down on the Beaverhead. It is well known for large trout and this season is set to be a magical one on Montana’s favorite small tailwater. Call us at 406-835-FISH for the latest report or inquiries!


#4 Smoke & Mirrors – Cream
#6 Kreelex Minnow
#4 Little Kim Copper
#6 Clouser Crawdad
#6 Jewel Thief – Brown & Copper
#18 Film Critic BWO Emerger

#18 Split Case BWO
#16 Soft Hackle Scud Orange
#16 Hot Bead Sow Bug
#10 Ninch’s Fish Finder Worm Pink
#14 Brown Hot Spot San Juan Worm
#6 Zirdle – Tan

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Beaverhead River trout grow quick and make for a great day on the water!


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