The Big Hole River looks like it peaked from runoff.

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The Big Hole River looks like it peaked from runoff. The entire river is on the drop, which is great news! River clarity remains around 4 feet and the flows around Melrose are on a steep decline. We have seen a few early hatching golden stones. Our prediction is that we will be throwing Salmonflies by this weekend. Fish are keyed into the salmonfly nymphs subsurface. Once the flows get to 6,000cfs around Melrose we will be floating the Maiden Rock canyon and south of Melrose. Currently we are still staying above the Wise River due to high flows. This should change in the next few days since the river is dropping in flow by the hour. Stay in touch…..salmonflies soon!

Sunrise Fly Shop lodging is completed: Call for your next Big Hole lodging reservation 406-835-3474 

Tracy Range with a Big Hole River brown trout

Recommended Flies: #10 Gray Drake; #12 X Caddis; #4 Pat’s Stone (Brown/Orange); #8 San Juan Worm; #6 Flash Minnow (Olive); #6 Smokin’ Mirrors (Black); #6 Sparkle Minnow; #4 Little Kim; #6 Screamer (Yellow) (Olive)


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