The Salmonfly Hatch is Here!

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The hatch that everyone has been waiting for is finally here.  We are seeing the Big Bugs from the Glen Bridge all the way up to East Bank.  A couple of our guides did an exploratory float last night from Maiden Rock to Brownes, and they said that the Salmonflies were thick in the willows throughout the entire float.  If you are looking to get trout to eat dry flies on the surface, try to find the slowest moving water in-between willows, softer inside bends, and slower moving water along grassy banks.

The River is still extremely high for this time of year, so if you decide to float any section below the Wise River, please be very careful.  The river’s flow is very fast and strong, and if you are not an expert at rowing a drift boat or raft we recommend only floating the upper river.


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