Dry fly fishing has picked up lately.

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Dry fly fishing has picked up lately. We have the Spruce Moths back on the water. From Jerry Creek down to Divide we have had excellent dry fly fishing lately on Spruce Moths and Tricos. Overcast days we have had good luck with #16 Comparaduns and small chubby chernobyl’s. Not much for any hopper fishing yet on the Big Hole. The Big Hole River is open without any restrictions from Dickey Bridge down to FWP Maiden Rock. Please note Maiden Rock FWP is the lower Maiden Rock, which is out of the canyon a few miles upstream from Melrose. Here is a map to help you with the closures http://www.bhwc.org/fish-water/river-conditions/

Recommended Flies: #18 Comparadun Trico; #18 Trico Spinner;#14 Purple Craze; #14 Comparadun Yellow; #12 Bloom’s Caddis; #12 Purple Chubby; #14 Para Wolf; #14 Psycho Mayfly; #12 Prince Nymph; #10 Pat’s Stone; #14 Pearl Lightning Bug; #14 Red Copper John; 4 Mini Loop Sculpin; #6 Sculpzilla 


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