Salmon fly Update

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Fishing has been fantastic here on the Big Hole River. Salmon flies and Golden Stones are hanging off the willows and fluttering down the banks of the river getting devoured by overstuffed trout. River flows and clarity are perfect for the hatch right now. We are finding the best Salmon Fly fishing from Jerry Creek down to Melrose. Tucking your dry flies under willows and against grassy banks will keep you hooked up.

Come Join us for Salmonfly Fest this weekend. We will have live music, food, raffle; Sponsors include Hatch Outdoors, Winston Rods, RO Drift Boats, Patagonia, Simms. Raffle Items include a set of RO drift boat oars, Winston Nexus Rod, Simms packs, Patagonia packs and Hatch nippers. giveaway items will also be at the event from our sponsors. It will be a great celebration of the best hatch on the Big Hole River. Come have some fun and enjoy live music and food at the Sunrise Fly Shop. Raffle tickets are available at our shop or during the event. For more details give us a call. 406-835-3474.

Recommended Flies:  #4 Fluttering Stone; #4 Cat Puke; #8 True Form Golden Stone; #8 Rogue Stone; #8 Pat’s Stone #12 Copper John; #4 Smoke n’ Mirrors #6 Sparkle Minnow; #6 Copper Zonker; #6 Beldar yellow/brown


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