So Moist

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Click here to change this textaDamp, Wet, Moist, Soaked…However you want to describe it, that is how it has felt.  With the rain that we have seen in the last two weeks, it has felt more like the Pacific Northwest than the High Plaines Desert of Southwest Montana.  Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t complaining.  This rain is helping make up of the below-average snowpack that we received over the winter.  

What has all of this precipitation done for the fishing? It has been great for the fishing.  The river is around 3500cfs and the banks are full, and with those banks saturated from all the recent rains, the river is full of worms.  So while we wait for the Salmonfly hatch, we can continue to enjoy great subsurface fishing with San Juan Worms, Stonefly Nymphs, and Streamers


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