Cold and Dark and Wet

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The weather has changes significantly in the lats 48 hours.  After a couple week of sunny days with daytime highs reaching the 70’s, Mother Nature decided it was too early for Summer to start.  For the next several days we are forecasted to have overcast skies with cooler temps, and a chance of precipitation every day.  This change in weather has probably slowed the arrival of the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch, but it has been great for getting more water in the river as well as improving the overall fishing.  With the bright sunny weather we had been experiencing, the spring streamer fishing hadn’t been as good as it usually is in May.  But now that we are in a pattern of overcast skies, you can expect the streamer fishing to be really good for the next week.  Yellow, Orange and Olive were the best streamer colors for our guides yesterday.  For all you “Streamer Junkies” that have been waiting for a good time to hit the Big Hole, this might be the weekend you have been waiting for.


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