The Ice is Breaking

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Things are not good on the Big Hole right now.  The ice is breaking on the upper Big Hole, which has caused the river to rise and it is very off color.  We have 18 inches of visibility here in Melrose and the fish are in shock.  Things will improve but today is not a good day to be fishing.  This is only the valley snow and river ice that is causing the poor conditions.  This happens every year and it is actually happening like it should.  We are not having any major ice jams and the river is breaking up slowly and as it should.  This is not high mountain snow runoff just the low valley melt. We will keep you posted on the Big Hole River fishing report as conditions improve.

Flies: #8 Mr. Beam; #10 Bullet Head Skwala; #8 Rogue River Skwala  #8 San Juan Worm; #10 Pat’s Stone Olive/Brown: #8 RL Stone; #18 Zebra Midge; #6 J.J. Special #4 Coffey Bugger; #4 Bad Boy #4 Yellow Zonker


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