Big Hole River Fishing Report

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August terrestrial hatches on the Big Hole are in full swing.  We currently have Spruce Moth’s, hoppers, and flying ants.  Dry fly fishing doesn’t get better than this, brown’s eating Spruce Moth’s and hoppers in skinny water.  We have been fishing the Big Hole from Jerry Creek all the way to Notch bottom.  You will find the Spruce Moth’s from Jerry Creek down to Maiden Rock.  The Spruce Moth’s are thick and the trout are lined up to eat them.  Below Melrose it has been a hopper/nocturnal stone fly game on the surface.  August flows are great right now.  We are over 600cfs in Melrose right now.  Read more about the Spruce Moth Hatch here.       

A Ro Skiff was pinned on a rock in the Maiden Rock Canyon.  The boat was stollen from the river before the owner could recover it.  If you have any information on this boat pleasecontact our shop.


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