Big Catch

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Our Clients Winston BIIX was recovered yesterday.  A good hearted angler hooked something and it turned out to be our clients lost rod.  What are the chances of that!  Thanks, our client will be greatly appreciative of your honest efforts.   Big fish have been on the bite recently.  Recently we had a bump in flows due to rains.  The Big Hole is dropping and clearing today 4180cfs in Melrose and dropping.  I just got a report from the river and during the cloudy weather today the fish have been taking dries very well.  Golden stone attractor patterns along the fast banks have been producing nice fish.  We have been fishing the entire Big Hole recently.  If you are going to float the lower Big Hole please make sure you have experienced people rowing.  Good stuff over here and it is going to keep getting better as the river drops this week.   


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