Big Hole Fishing Report

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Ryan and I both had a chance to float the Big Hole yesterday and do some fishing for ourselves.

I launched at Jerry Creek, where two days before I had done a quick evening float and had phenomenal dry fly fishing with skwallas.  The fishing wasn’t quite as consistent as it had been on the 3rd, but the wind with pummeling us with 20 to 30 MPH gusts, so casting to the right spots on the bank was a little difficult.  When we did get the fly up near the bank, we got fish to rise to our fly.

Ryan and Chuck went up to Sportsman’s and fished streamers for a few hours before sunset.  Luckily for the two of them, they didn’t have to deal with the winds that I battled 15 miles down river.  In the short period of time that Ryan and Chuck were on the river, they did extremely well, landing 10 fish over 18 inches.

With continued cool weather in the 5-day forecast, it looks like we should see the fishing continue to be solid on top and sub-surface though the next week.

*We’ll keep you posted when we start to see Mother’s Day Caddis*


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