Fly Fishing the Beaverhead River in Southwest Montana Part II

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Fly Fishing Sections of the Beaverhead River

The upper Beaverhead River, from the Dam to High Bridge, is generally fished with small nymphs.  This isn’t to say that at times there isn’t amazing dry fly fishing, it is that most of the fish caught in this section are on nymphs.  From High Bridge to Barretts, nymphing is still the most successful style of fishing, but more opportunities exist for catching Beaverhead trout on larger dries such as hoppers and crane flies.  Bellow the Barretts’ diversion the number of trout per mile decreases, but that doesn’t mean that opportunities for trophy trout are diminished. 

Hoppers and Streamers

Throwing hoppers in the later part of the summer between Dillon, Anderson Lane and Beaverhead Rock frequently produce trout well in excess of 20 inches.  Streamer fishing is another style of fly fishing that can produce large fish on the Beaverhead River.  Casting streamers under the willow-choked banks in the early hours just after dawn is very successful way to get a trophy Beaverhead Trout to eat.

The Beaverhead River is an impressive fishery with world-class fishing opportunities throughout the entire river.  So whether it’s fishing size 22 trico spinners in The Slick, nymphing the Axel Hole with PMDs or throwing hoppers on the lower river, the Beaverhead has something to offer nearly every angler.  Click here for more information on fly fishing the Beaverhead River.


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