Jurassic Park

After the last six weeks of spectacular fishing, we have decided to start calling the Upper Big Hole “Jurassic Park”.  We can’t remember ever having a Big Fish year quite like this one.  In the last month, our clients have caught more fish over 23 inches than our clients caught all of last year.

The clarity at Mudd Creek is more than two feet, the water temperature is in the mid 50’s, and the big fish are still tight to the banks.  We are still slow stripping streamers or using a dry dropper with a San Juan Worm and having great success.

The lower Big Hole is still at flood stage, so we are recommending only floating the Upper Big Hole.  Regardless of where you float, please float with caution.

Below are two fish Graham Butler caught yesterday. What a way to wrap up a four day fishing trip on the Big Hole River. Jurassic Park!

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