Mid Winter Update – Sale Items – Spring Special

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Mid Winter Update – Sale Items – Spring Special

It is late January here on the Big Hole River. The river is frozen over as it typically is in January. You will not find open water unless springs are entering the river or you have a high gradient zone. As far as snowpack goes we are seeing an average winter so far. The Big Hole watershed is at 97% of normal snowpack. So what does this mean for water levels this spring and summer? It is way too early to predict water levels for the 2020 season. It is not until late February and mid March that we will know more on snowpack. The next two months can be our wettest months of the year for snowpack.

It is time to start thinking about Spring fishing. We are running our very popular Spring Special again. Here is the link for information on the Spring Special.

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Sale Items on our Online Store

Simms Rip Rap Sandal 30% off

Simms Headwaters Boot felt 25% off

Simms Guide Jacket Loden 20% off

Simms Rogue fleece Hoody 25% off

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Fishing has been pretty good on the Big Hole lately.

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Fishing has been pretty good on the Big Hole lately. We did get a bump in flows in the last 24 hours due to snow in the mountains and rain in the valley. The river still remains clear and fishing well but the dry fly fishing might be sacrificed until the water stabilizes. Cool wet weather remains for the rest of the week, which bodes well for dry fly fishing if the river flows don’t continue to rise. Our Big Hole River guides have been catching some very nice fish lately on the Big Hole. The snowpack continues to build and we are setting up for good summer flows if this weather pattern continues.


 Sunrise Fly Shop Client with a nice Brown from this week

Recommended Flies: #10 Mr. Beam; #10 Bullett Head Skwala; #10 Skwala Stone; #10 Pat’s Stone Olive/Brown; #8 San Juan Worm; #12 Pheasant Tail; #6 J.J. Special; #4 Smokin’ Mirrors; #4Mr. Creepo


Spring has arrived and fishing has been alright.

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Spring has arrived and fishing has been alright. We just finished our first two guide days on the Big Hole River. We had a spectacular 50 degree day and today the high was 35 degrees with snow. Both days fished well and in fact the best fish we caught were in the snow and cold temperatures. the Big Hole is in great shape clarity wise and flow. Your main hatch on the river right now are midges. When I say midges I mean tons of them. We had several hours where the river was blanketed with midges. You will find a few fish up and eating them but not many. Our best flies were sub surface; Micro worms, and #18 micro mayflies, #18 zebra midges, #18 pheasant tails. Fish are still in their winter holes, lets remember it is still March and water temperatures are hovering in the upper thirties and some days getting into the mid forties. Things will pick up dramatically during our next warm spell. When that warm up will be is still a mystery. Winter is back for the next several days according to the weather man. The Big Hole Basin snowpack is over 110% and still gaining. We are currently fishing from Maiden Rock down to the Notch. We are running shuttles, guiding Spring Specials and 2016 inventory is arriving daily.  Give us a call for all of the above information 406.835.3474.

Rob with a nice brown caught today on the Big Hole River


Happy New Year to everyone as we get out our first Big Hole River fishing Report of the year.

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Happy New Year to everyone as we get out our first Big Hole River fishing Report of the year. We are looking forward to a great 2016 and the Big Hole River drainage and valley is covered with a slightly above average snowpack. The river is pretty iced over and you will only find certain spring fed areas fishable. The trout are pretty dormant this time of year. The snowpack in the Jefferson drainage is 107% of normal, which includes the Big Hole River, Beaverhead River and Jefferson River. This is a nice start to the snowpack but we still have three months of accumulating snowpack ahead of us. With this said it is too early to predict our water supply for the 2016 season but we are off to a good start. Our valley snowpack is very good, which always makes a big difference in gaining good water supply for our rivers and replenishing the ground water supply. The snow sites that record the snowpack on the below image is based on high elevation snowpack. It is nice to report that our valleys also have significant snowpack for this date in time. We will keep you posted throughout the winter season.


The Big Hole River fishing report is improving.

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The Big Hole River fishing report is improving.  The days are getting longer and warmer, which has been clearing the lower Big Hole from ice.  The ice is finally off the river in the Melrose area and we have a Big Hole River flow reading above 600 cfs at the Melrose guage station.  Don’t let this fool you though we still have large ice shelves on areas of the river.  The Glen guage is still reading Ice and the Maiden Rock guage is the only other spot reading a flow at this time.  Your best option is currently wade fishing the deeper tail outs of the runs in the afternoons.  Nymphing is your best option with an occasional midge hatch in the afternoons.  It will be  a nice day today and then we are back to winter weather.  We have a winter storm warning Monday and Tuesday followed by cold temperatures the rest of the week.  The snowpack continues to climb.  The Big Hole valley has a snow/water content of 144% and the snowfall amount is 118% of normal.  Our Big Hole river guides are eager to get back on the water the first week of April.


We have about the same conditions as last week to report.

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We have about the same conditions as last week to report.  Our Big Hole River fishing report this week is filled with more winter like conditions on the water.  Flows have slightly come up at the Maiden Rock gauge but we are still experiencing ice on the river and freezing water conditions.  Snow is predicted Thursday and Friday and then a slight warm up is predicted for the weekend.  Wade fishing is still your only options.  Our Big Hole river fly shop is still closed for the winter.  Our projected opening is April 1st.  If you are getting on the water we suggest the spring fed areas and tail outs of runs.  Bring your midge box, San Juan worms, and Pat’s Stones with you.  As for our Montana snowpack and Big Hole snowpack we are still pilling snow in the high country.  Since we last reported a nice winter storm hit us.  Currently the Big Hole valley is at 140% snow/water equivalency and our total snowfall is 118% of normal.