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Experience a Day of Fly Fishing on the Legendary Land of the Giants

A fly fishing trip to the Land of the Giants on the Missouri River can be the experience of a lifetime for many fly fishers. You will have an excellent opportunity to catch 20+ inch rainbows and browns consistently throughout the day on a beautiful stretch of canyon water on the fabled Missouri River. Book your guided fly fishing trip to the Land of the Giants to take advantage of this unique fishery.

Fishing the Land of the Giants

Just outside of Helena, this three mile section of the Missouri River starts at the base of the Hauser Reservoir dam and flows to Upper Holter Lake. Flowing through a beautiful canyon with steep walls, there is limited access to this section of river, keeping the fishing pressure low on these huge, well fed fish.

To reach the Land of the Giants, it is necessary to take a jet boat across Upper Holter Lake and up to Hauser Reservoir, where we turn off the motor, break out the oars and drift downriver. If any hole or run is producing well, your captain Lee Coyle will motor back up to the top of the run and fish it again to maximize opportunities to catch that monster rainbow or brown of your dreams. This stretch of the Missouri is big water, so most of the fishing is done from the boat.

As a tail water with a bottom release dam, the fish on this stretch of the Missouri River have access to consistent water temperatures and a highly nutrient rich environment. They are free to move between the lake and the river, both during spawning season to lay their eggs, and to follow the food that enables them to get so big and stay so healthy. Having a customized jet boat designed for this specific water enables us to stay on the fish throughout the day.

The Key to a Successful Guided Fly Fishing Trip on the Land of the Giants

Your fly fishing guide Lee Coyle is a licensed captain, with years of experience on this stretch of river. He knows the ins and outs of fly fishing the Land of Giants stretch of the Missouri River—where the fish are, flies to use, and techniques to optimize your fly fishing experience.

Lee has a 16’ Crestliner skiff with a Mercury jet engine, leg locks, oar locks, and a wide deck for a stable and safe day of fly fishing. We provide delicious snacks, lunch and drinks, and can make solid recommendations for breakfast and dinner, depending what you are in the mood for.

Rounding out the Experience

A day of fly fishing on the Land of the Giants section of the Missouri River, is a unique and exciting addition to any multi-day fishing trip in Southwest Montana. With plenty of lodging and dining options in Helena and elsewhere in the region, you can customize your fly fishing experience to meet any needs and budget.

Call us today to learn more about this unique fishery, best times to fish the Missouri, and to start planning your trip with Sunrise Fly Shop.

Enjoy a Guided Fly Fishing Float Trip on the Land of the Giants in Southwest Montana

“Do you want to fish the land of The Land of the Giants?” was the question asked of me about a week prior to boarding a plane to Bozeman in 2018. The skeptic in me rolled his eyes. But I remembered seeing pictures of the “Gates of the Mountains” years ago and being in awe of its beauty.

After tracing my finger over a map of the Missouri I discovered this mythical home of giant fish shared the same marina. My travel mate and I decided that Montana has never let us down; so, for a few extra bucks I called the skeptic’s hand.

We met our guide Lee in the parking lot. This was going to be a departure from our typical trips down the Big Hole River. No drift boat this trip, just Lee, securing rods in his 16-foot jet boat that was retro fitted to mount oars, casually asking if we have prepared for rain.

Off we went, and if I were you, I wouldn’t believe the next few sentences… had I not been there to experience it. Thirty-seven degrees, 25 mph wind and pouring rain. Thank God we packed for the unpredictability of Montana. The solution to these terrible conditions was, without doubt, our tremendous guide and eager fish. Big.Fish.

Our first customer of the day only turned his head to briefly look at the fisherman he was about to break off. And as my to-do list for confession increased by four letters, Lee turned to me and confirmed that it was indeed a fish that would have went 24+ inches. ‘Land of the Giants’ suddenly didn’t seem too outlandish.

The weather did finally relent, after all the sky can only hold so much moisture, and weary we drove away having never caught so many big fish in such inhospitable conditions. So inhospitable, it fact, that for the past 10 months I have had the second week in June circled on my calendar to meet Lee at a familiar marina to slay another giant… or two. “Land of the Giants” is a real place. If you have the opportunity… take it.