Big Hole River Late September Fishing Report

Fall officially starts Saturday according to the calendar but we are in fall mode already on the Big Hole River. We woke up to snow in the high country and rain in the valley today and more is in the forecast tonight. The next several days looks like perfect fishing weather for September. We are going to have overcast damp weather, which means streamers, Blue Winged Olives and Mahogany Duns are on the menu. We have been fishing from Divide all the way down to Notch Bottom. The Berma Road has re-opened so you can do all of the lower river floats from Glen to Notch.

We have through September 30th to fish the Big Hole River this year. FWP is closing the Big Hole River from Dickie Bridge down to the mouth of the Jefferson From October 1st – March 31st this upcoming season to try and protect spawning brown trout. Fall is one of our favorite seasons on the Big Hole and this is a huge disappointment for many anglers. If you have plans to fish the Big Hole this fall you better get over here the next 9 days. We have some guides and lodging open next week if you are interested. For up to date fishing reports give us as call 406-835-3474.

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Fall Fishing On The Big Hole River

Fall is here and the fishing on the Big Hole has been very good. We are enjoying the above average river flows and cool water temperatures to start September. The willows and some of the cottonwoods are starting to turn into autumn splendor. We have some trico’s hatching in the late morning hours on the Big Hole. On moist days you will find Blue Winged Olives, and some Mahogany Dun’s on the water. Hopper activity is still in play on the Lower Big Hole River.

The Burma Road near Notch Bottom had a washout due to a rainstorm. The section of the Burma road from the Glen Bridge down to Pennington Bridge is closed to thru traffic until they fix the washout. You can float fish to Glen but you will not be able to fish below Glen due to the road being closed. We will keep you posted when the road re-opens.

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Recommended Flies:

  • #14 Purple Craze
  • #10 Chubby Chernobyl Pink
  • #18 Trico Comparadun
  • #18 Trico Spinner
  • #14 Spanish Bullet Olive/black
  • #16 Psycho Mayfly
  • #4 J.J. Special
  • #6 Mini Loop Sculpin

Fantastic Big Hole River Flows

The Big Hole River has had fantastic flows this August due to above average rainfall. Fishing has been good lately and should continue to be consistent. We have seen fish really put on the pounds this summer. Water temperatures have remained good and the hatches have consisted of Trico’s, PMD’s, and some Blue Winged Olive’s on the moist cool days we have had lately. Look for hoppers to really heat up this coming week in the nice weather and dry conditions in the forecast. We have some openings for this coming week with our lodging and guides. Give us a call for the most up to date information 406-835-3474.

Recommended Flies:

  • #8 Plan B
  • #10 Chubby Chernobyl Olive
  • #18 Trico Spinner
  • #18 Trico Comparadun
  • #16 Jig Duracell
  • #14 Spanish Bullet Olive
  • #16 Purple Craze
  • #8 Morrish Hopper

Big Hole River Fishing In August

The Big Hole River has been quite pleasant for fishing lately. We are enjoying the above average flows for this time of the year and “no” fishing restrictions on any of the sections of the Big Hole River. Currently our best fishing has been from Jerry Creek Bridge all the way down to Brownes Bridge. These sections of the Big Hole have had good trico hatches, some nocturnal stoneflies and flying ant’s. We have been fishing hopper dropper rigs with great success. You will find fish sipping on trico spinners in the morning and then we are prospecting with with hopper dropper rigs in the late morning and into the afternoon hours with great success. We have been finding some superb brown trout lately eating our flies. Don’t miss out on the action and book your trip today!

Recommended Flies:

  • #18 Hi Vis trico spinner
  • #18 Trico Comparadun
  • #8 Chubby Chernobyl Olive/tan
  • #8 Plan B
  • #8 Chernobyl Ant
  • #16 Jig Inferno Black
  • #16 Jig Napoleon
  • #10 Pat’s rubber Leg Olive/brown
  • #16 Jig Spanish Bullett Black

Beaverhead River August Fishing Report

The Beaverhead River has continued to fish well for us lately. The Flows out of Clark Canyon Reservoir have been dropping recently, which is great news. Outflows this morning were 557 cfs and dropping. Clark Canyon Reservoir has turned over and clarity on the upper Beaverhead has diminished. The upper sections of the Beaverhead has been nymphing well with Tungsten Sunkist’s, Hunchback’s, and split back’s. The hopper fishing has picked up lately on the lower sections of the Beaverhead River. We have brought up some massive fish lately on Chernobyl ant’s and hoppers.

Currently we have no fishing restrictions on the Beaverhead River. All sections are open to fishing.

Recommended Flies:

  • #16 Hunchback PMD
  • #18 Tungsten Sunkist
  • #16 Split Back Olive
  • #8 Chernobyl Ant Tan
  • #8 Black Magic
  • #8 Morrish Hopper

Hoot Owl Restrictions Lifted On Big Hole River

The Hoot Owl Restrictions on all sections of the Big Hole River are lifted starting tomorrow August, 5th. This means you can fish after 2:00pm daily. We have “NO” fishing restrictions on the Big Hole River starting August 5th. Fishing has been very good lately on the Big Hole River. We are seeing some Spruce Moth’s between Jerry Creek and Maiden Rock. Nocturnal Stone flies have been working and hoppers. We are seeing some flying ant’s and trico’s below Melrose. Stonefly nymphs and jig Spanish Bullets have been working well. Terrestrial season is here and it is time to get out and enjoy it. Give us a call for up to date information (406) 835-3474 , Lodging and guides are available this month.

Recommended Flies:

  • Spruce Moth #12
  • Bloom’s Spruce Moth #12
  • Chernobyl Ant #10
  • Jig Spanish Bullet #16
  • Chubby Chernobyl #12 (Olive/Tan)

Big Hole River End Of July Fishing Report

As we move to the end of July on the Big Hole River we continue to have good fishing and we are catching some stellar fish. You will find nocturnal stoneflies hatching and Pale Morning Duns in the morning hours. The afternoons have been heating up on some days and on other days we have had cloud cover and excellent fishing. Prospecting with a chubby Chernobyl or ant has brought up some very nice fish lately. We are also fishing dropper rigs with stone fly nymphs and small various jig mayfly patterns. Streamer anglers have enjoyed the morning fishing in the shallow riffles with sculpin patterns. We have not seen spruce moths or tricos yet, but these bugs will be our next major hatch on the Big Hole River. We continue to have smiling faces on the river and happy folks. If you are looking to book a trip we are running a 15% August discount for packages with lodging and fishing. Give us a call to inquire 406-835-3474.

Section 3 on the Big Hole is open with no restrictions. Section 3 is from Dickie Bridge to lower Maiden Rock FWP. This FWP Maiden Rock is out of the canyon. Please call if you have any questions. Section 1,2,4 and 5 on the Big Hole are on Hoot Owl Restrictions. This means you can only fish from Midnight to 2:00pm daily on these sections of the river.

Fly Recomendations:

  • Plan B #8
  • Chubby Chernobyl #10 Olive/Gold
  • Parachute Ant #16
  • Purple Craze #16
  • Jig Napoleon #16 Olive
  • Jig Frenchie #16
  • Pat’s Stone $10 Olive/Brown/Black
  • Jig Bullet Black #16
  • Mini Loop Sculpin #4 Olive
  • Lil’ Kim #6 Olive

Beaverhead River Fishing

The Beaverhead River is fishing well for us lately. The flows out of Clark Canyon Reservoir are 886cfs. The Beaverhead is flowing bank full and fast at these flows. Wade fishing is not an option for most anglers but the boat fishing has been good. We are seeing hatches of PMD’s, Caddis and yellow sallies. Dry fly fishing has been tougher at these high flows for most anglers. The best tactic lately has been nymph fishing with PMD’s and yellow sallies. Fish are holding on the edges and in the shallow zones where you find gravel bottom. If you are looking to get out on a guide trip this up coming week give us a call. We currently have a few guides available.

The Beaverhead River is on Hoot Owl restrictions (2:00 PM to midnight) from the confluence of the Big Hole River to Anderson Lane on the Beaverhead beginning 2 PM on July 19.  This section is on the far lower reach of the River. From Barretts State Park to the Dam is “not” under Hoot Owl restriction, you can fish this section all day. Please call us if you have any questions 406-835-3474.

Recommended Flies:

  • Split Case PMD #18
  • Trigger Nymph PMD #18
  • Hunchback PMD #18
  • Psycho Prince #12
  • Comparadun PMD #18
  • Tilt Wing PMD #16

Big Hole Fishing Report

The Big Hole fishing has continued to be good for us this week. We have been hitting the water early for some great nocturnal stonefly action on dry flies. Mid morning we are seeing PMD’s and drakes with a few caddis scattered around. The afternoon fishing has consisted of dry/dropper or double nymph rigs in the fast shallow riffles. Hopper season is right around the corner for us on the Big Hole River. We continue to see nice brown trout and rainbows everyday on guide trips. We currently have some openings for guide trips the last week of July. Give us a call to book your trip!

Currently Section 5: which is the last 15 miles of the Big Hole from Tony Shoonen FAS (Notch Bottom ) to the confluence of the Jefferson River is On Hoot Owl Fishing restrictions. This means you can only fish from Midnight to 2:00 pm daily. All of the other sections of the Big Hole currently do “not” have any restrictions. Please give us a call if you have any questions 406-835-3474.

Recommended Flies:

  • Chernobyl Ant #8 Tan/Black
  • Chubby Chernobyl #10 Cinnamon
  • Purple Craze #14
  • Brindle Chute #16
  • Blow Torch #14
  • Jig Napoleon #16 Olive
  • Jig Lightning Bug #14
  • Spanish Bullet #14

Big Hole River Fishing Report

The fishing on the Big Hole River continues to impress us this month. We have had great dry fly fishing in the morning and into the early afternoon hours. Golden Stone’s, PMD’s and caddis are hatching on the Big Hole. The shallow riffles have produced some great trout lately. You will find trout feeding on PMD’s in the mid morning in the flats and stoneflies in the riffles. Flows remain good on the Big Hole and the trout are happy. Streamer fishing in the shallow riffles have been good as well as caddis in the evening hours.

The Divide FAS boat ramp is currently closed for more construction. You can use the boat ramp at the Divide Campground. Please park your vehicle outside the campground when using the Divide Campground boat ramp. We would be happy to answer any questions 406-835-3474.

Recommended Flies:

  • #10 Chubby Chernobyl Tan
  • #14 Bloom’s Caddis
  • #14 Brindle Chute
  • #16 Comparadun PMD
  • #16 Jig Blowtorch
  • #16 Duracell Jig
  • #16 Pearl Lightning Bug