The Moscow Mule

How many places do you know that are known for both a river and a cocktail?  Well, the 80 of us that live in Melrose, MT are very fortunate to live on the banks of one of the greatest trout rivers in the United States, as well as being known for the Moscow Mule.  “The Mule” is more than a drink, it is an experience.  First, this refreshing libation must be made in a copper cup?  Why you ask?  Who cares, I’m a fisherman, not a chemist.  Just trust me; it makes a difference…a big difference.  Once you have secured your copper mug, fill it with ice, vodka, ginger brew, and a big wedge of lime.  Squeeze the lime into the brilliant concoction, give it a stir, and buckle your chinstrap.

The FDA warns that you shouldn’t drink too many of them in one night…but since when have we listened to those ninnies?  Drink up!