Madison River Fly Fishing

Enjoy a Guided Fly Fishing Trip on the Madison River

 Ask anyone who has ever set a foot into the cold waters of the Madison River for a day of fly fishing, and they will tell you the same thing. Fly fishing the Madison River is an experience not to be left out of your next Montana fly fishing vacation. The Madison River does not lumber along, like so many other rivers in Southwest Montana, and it is not often described as majestic. It is a river with age old history and reverence, but with the frenzied attitude of a teenager. It is the fifty mile riffle.

Arguably one of the most famous fly fishing rivers in the Western United States, the Madison River hurries down the valley towards Ennis at a steady 7 miles per hour.  There are very few pools, smooth surface currents, or slow moving frogwater areas to fly fish.  Instead there is boulder strewn pocket water, deep channels and dark “buckets” behind shelves of bug-rich gravel. The fish are strong and numerous, and a trophy is always a possibility.


 This river originates in Yellowstone National park and flows through Hebgen Lake and Quake Lake than heads north to the town of Ennis.  The Madison River has several must fish hatches in Southwest Montana fly fishing.  The Salmonflies typically hatch the last week of June and roll through the middle of July.  You will also have a smattering of Yellow Sallies in July, and caddis galore.  The hopper fishing in August and early September gets the large brown trout eager to smack a dry fly on the Madison River.  With the excellent habitat and consistent flow on the Madison River this makes for a good late summer fly fishing option.  Let our Madison River fly fishing guides show you the right flies and right spots to fish this one of a kind river.

As is the case in many rivers, nymphing is the best bet, though hatches occur regularly and hopper fishing in late July and August can yield some impressive surface caught fish. The Madison River can be easily waded in many areas, though a day of guided fly fishing on a driftboat is the best way to cover the vast amount of trout packed water found in this race track of a river.


 Our experienced Madison River fly fishing guides are fishing the river every day, providing us with the latest information for our Madison River Fishing Report.  We also provide the biggest variety of top-of-the-line equipment, supplies and fishing flies in the area.