Jefferson River Fly Fishing

Enjoy a Guided Fly Fishing Trip on the Jefferson River

 Sunrise Fly Shop provides guided Jefferson River Fly Fishing services that will put you on the big browns and rainbows of the uncrowded Jefferson River and help you land that trophy fish of a lifetime.  The Jefferson River originates at the junction of the Big Hole River and Beaverhead River, and runs northeasterly 77 miles to Three Forks, where it joins the Madison River and Gallatin rivers to form the Missouri River. The Jefferson River meanders widely through a grassy valley between the Continental Divide on the west and the Tobacco Root Mountains on the east, providing wonderful views and vistas as you float down the river. Southwest Montana Fly Fishing is known for its trophy-sized trout that seem to lurk under every cut-bank. From skwallas to hoppers, the Jefferson River is one of the most entertaining rivers to throw big foam dry flies and wait for that explosive take.

 Montana fly fishing has many famous must fish rivers.  One river that gets overlooked where the fly fishing has been better over the last several years is the Jefferson River.  After years of struggling with dewatering problems on the Jefferson River, work has been done to improve this trout fishery.  Solitude and the chance of a trophy trout is a reason to fly fish on the Jefferson River. During spring, you will have a short period of dry fly fishing with some excellent streamer fishing.  Summer typically gets going on the Jefferson in July, with a fantastic nocturnal stonefly hatch.  Grasshopper fishing in August on the Jefferson is a must for every fly angler to experience.  On of the preferred methods for summer fly fishing is with big hoppers.  Great rainbows explode to your hoppers on the Jefferson River.  In the fall you will find solid Blue Winged Olive hatches.  The Sunrise Fly Shop’s clients have caught some of the largest browns on streamers during the autumn season.  This is not a river that you can expect 50 fish average days like you can have fly fishing on the Beaverhead River and Big Hole River, but the Jefferson is a special place to take a guided fly fishing trip that has very large fish and lets you appreciate yet another fishery in Southwest Montana fly fishing.