Sunday, May 1, 2016

We experienced a dramatic change in weather last week.  After a week of record high heat and rising river flows, we had a massive cold-front move in and deliver colder temps, rain, sleet, snow and wind.  Once the front passed and a more stable low-pressure system settled in, the water dropped and cleared, and the Big Hole River trout really started eating.  Reports from our guides have been solid, with most fish being caught on dead drifted yellow streamers, Pat’s Rubber Legs, and San Juan Worms.  A number of BWO’s and Drakes have been hatching over the last few days, but the trout don’t seem to be keyed in on the May Flies quite yet.

Below are a couple of nice fish landed over the last couple days.

Recommended Flies : #6 San Juan Worm; #12 Pheasant Tail #12 Prince Nymph; #10 Pat’s Stone Brown/Green; #10 Mr. Beam Skwala #10 Bullet Head Skwala #8 J.J. Special #10 Sparkle Minnow; #4 Sunrise Sculpzilla  #6 Yellow Zonker

Thursday, May 8, 2014

As we enter another pattern of colder and wetter weather, the Big Hole River is again on the drop and river temperatures are creeping back down into the low 40’s.  The fish have still been very active chasing streamers, but with water temps dropping we might see slower fishing in the mornings.  The forecasted high for the next 5 days ranges from 45 to 55 degrees, which should be sufficient to keep the river warm enough to continue the phenomenal streamer fishing we have been seeing.  The benefit of the cold and wet weather system that we are going to see this weekend is that it will bring with it overcast skies, which will also help continue good streamer fishing.

Below are a couple photos from Lou’s guided trip on Tuesday.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The colder weather over the past several days has brought the flows on the Big Hole River down to around 2500cfs and increased the visibility to more than two feet.  This lowering of flows and improvement of the clarity has made for some great spring fishing.  Even though we still haven’t really seen much sign of the Skwallas, the streamer fishing has been really good.  As usual for the Big Hole, yellow has been the hot streamer color, and slow stripping has been the most successful technique.  Below are three  nice fish that one of our clients caught this past weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Big Hole River is in prime condition and is fishing amazingly well.  Even though we haven’t seen a lot of adult Skwallas, the fish are looking up and eating Skwalla patterns on the surface.  And if you are willing to drop a nymph off of your dry fly, the action becomes even more intense.  If that wasn’t enough, fish are also chasing yellow and brown streamers.  Spring fishing couldn’t be better!

Below is a fish that our client Woody caught yesterday.

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