Thursday, February 7, 2019

We just got another blast of winter here in Southwest Montana. We woke this morning to -20 degree air temperatures. Our snowpack for the Big Hole drainage is hovering around 95% for this date in time. We still have plenty of winter left but we are all itching for spring trout fishing. Depending on when the ice gets off the Big Hole our Spring season is about 7 weeks away. We will have hatches of Skwalas and Blue winged olives to start the season. Our spring special packages are available again. We are excited to have our lodging to offer for the spring packages. Click here for more information on spring fishing packages.

February 7, 2019 Sunrise Fly Shop

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The massive ice jams and flooding events that took place last week are all behind us on the Big Hole. You will still see large ice chunks the size of small VW’s pushed up over the banks of the upper Big Hole. The entire river is flowing ice free at this point and the river is starting to come into shape. Clarity is improving daily and water temperatures should start climbing this week to activate the fish throughout the day as the water flows continue to drop. We had some Big Hole River guides out today scouting the river and they had some success in very specific locations. It should be a good week on the Big Hole and it is time to start thinking about the Skwala hatch. We will keep you posted on when the hatch starts and it’s movement on the lower Big Hole. As for now we would stay subsurface with Skwalla nymphs, San Juan Worms and slow moving streamers. Some Spring specials are still available. Click here for information on our Spring Special.

Sunrise fly Shop guide Rick Rossi with a beautiful brown caught today on the Big Hole River

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Warmer weather is coming tomorrow and into the weekend. The warm up will get the fish moving and the bugs. We had a boat on the lower Big Hole River yesterday and we had more of the same action with midges ruling the day and a few surface eats late in the afternoon on the Skwala dry fly. We might get better Skwala activity this weekend as the water warms but there is no guarantee.  The fish have been slow to move to streamers but that can change during the next several days. We have Spring Special Big Hole guide trips out the next two days. Stop in the shop to check out our new fly patterns and advice on the fishing.

Recommended Flies : #12 Prince Nymph; #10 Pat’s Stone Brown/Green; #18 Shop Vac; #18 Micro Mayfly; #10 San Juan Worm; #10 Mr. Beam Skwala #10 Bullet Head Skwala #8 J.J. Special #10 Sparkle Minnow; #4 Sunrise Sculpzilla

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Here come the clouds that we have been waiting for.  Fishing has been ok lately, but inconsistent at times. The change is weather this week should get the fishing back on track. We still have Skwala stoneflies and March browns hatching but on the bright sunny days the fish have not been willing to stay on the surface feeding all day. Our best dropper in the morning and afternoons has been a size #10 olive/brown pat’s stone. For dry flies a #10 bullet head skwalla and #10 Mr. Beam has been our best pattern.  Don’t let the rising water on the hydrograph fool you.  The clarity is around 2 1/2 feet and the increase of flows will get the fish on the banks, which is a good thing right now for dry fly fishing.

Flies: #8 Mr. beam Skwala, #10 Bullet Head Skwala, #10 Pat’s Stone Brown/Green #8 San Juan Worm, Bellyache Minnoe Olive #8 Sparkle Minnow, #4 Yellow/Black Beldar

Dave Leta with a nice Big Hole Rainbow

Saturday, March 28, 2015

We had a significant warm up yesterday, which got the water temperatures into the mid 40’s.  I spotted two adult skwalas on the water and it was go time.  The skwala hatch has started on the Big Hole.  From 2:00 yesterday till about 4:30 we had some nice dry fly fishing.  The big fish were not rising but plenty of small fish were looking up.  I would still give it some time for the big fish to key into the dry fly. This is the earliest we have ever seen skwala activity on the Big Hole. I would stick to droppers in the morning and then around 2:00 you can fish a single dry fly today unless the wind kicks up like it is supposed to. the visibility is still around 2 1/2 feet.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It is time to shake off the cabin fever and enjoy some Big Hole River spring fishing. Our season kicks off soon and our Big Hole River guides are ready to take you fishing.  We will have hatches of Skwala stoneflies, and Blue Winged Olives in April and May.  Every year some of our largest fish are caught in April and May.  Timing of the Skwala hatch on the Big Hole is from April 1st – May 15th.  Spring is a time of change, so you have to monitor river flows, temperatures, and weather conditions to catch the elusive Skwala.  Experiencing a fly fishing vacation in Montana to catch this hatch is not to be missed.  This is a great time to experience trout feeding with fury, as they eat their first stoneflies of the season.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Big Hole River is in prime condition and is fishing amazingly well.  Even though we haven’t seen a lot of adult Skwallas, the fish are looking up and eating Skwalla patterns on the surface.  And if you are willing to drop a nymph off of your dry fly, the action becomes even more intense.  If that wasn’t enough, fish are also chasing yellow and brown streamers.  Spring fishing couldn’t be better!

Below is a fish that our client Woody caught yesterday.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Big Hole River fishing reports from our guides has remained pretty good.  We are starting to see a few Skwala’s on the lower Big Hole River.  On the soft tail outs of the runs tight to the banks is where you will get your dry fly Skwala eats.  With the warmer weather on tap today and tomorrow look for the dry fly fishing to improve.  The dropper fishing off the dry fly has been straight silly lately.  We have had 30 to 40 fish days on the dropper.  We are moving some fish on the streamer lately.   

Flies: #8 Mr. Beam; #10 Bullet Head Skwala; #8 Rogue River Skwala  #8 San Juan Worm; #10 Pat’s Stone Olive/Brown: #8 RL Stone; #18 Zebra Midge; #6 J.J. Special #4 Coffey Bugger; #4 Bad Boy

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fishing has remained pretty good underneath the surface.  The morning fishing has been slow.  With the cold nights the fish seem to be getting active around 11:00 a.m. and the river continues to fish well till about 5:30 p.m.  Flows have been fluctuating around 550cfs.  We have had some nemouras hatching and midges hatching during the afternoon hours.  The nymphs of choice have been San Juan Worms, Pat’s Stones and midges.  The Skwala hatch has not started yet.  It looks like we will get a warm up early next week, which will get the Skwala nymphs moving towards the banks.  Our best fishing has been below Melrose in either the Melrose to Brownes section or Brownes to Notch sections. Stay in touch with more Big Hole River fishing reports and Big Hole River Skwala hatch updates.

Flies: #8 San Juan Worm; #10 Pat’s Stone Olive/Brown: #8 RL Stone; #18 Zebra Midge; #6 J.J. Special #4 Coffey Bugger;

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