Big Hole River Fishing Report

Big Hole River Fall Fishing Report

Fall fishing is here and you better get your streamer box out for the next several days.  Overcast, rain, and some rising water flows will get the brown trout chasing streamers very well.  The Big Hole is running gin clear right now.  Don’t let the rising water from the rain intimidate you.  We have been doing well with the mini loop sculpins, Trevor’s Sculpins, Sparkle minnows, and J.J.’s.  Baetis, and Mahogany Duns are hatching in locations in the canyon and lower river.  Nymphing has been solid with Pat’s Stones, #18 Red Copper John’s, Silver Lightning bugs, and Micro Mayflies.

Flies:  #12 Chubby Chernobyl Yellow/Purple/Black; #10 Purple Haze; #16 Baetis Cripple; #16 Rocky Mountain Mint, #18 Trico Spinner, #18 Trico Comparadun, #10 Pat’s Stone #12 Red Copper John #16 Bat Man Nymph orange/brown: #8 RL Stone; #6 J.J. Special #6 Coffey Bugger; #4 Bad Boy #  10 Copper/Pearl Zonker   #4 Mini Look Sculpin, #4 Trevor’s Sculpin

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